Quick Shopping Cart® Update Delivers Better Search Results Quick Shopping Cart®

Increase your sales and customer base by helping new shoppers find your store! Our latest update to Quick Shopping Cart adds exciting new features designed to help you improve your results on top search engines like Google®, Yahoo!® and even Bing™, the new search engine from Microsoft. With the latest version of Quick Shopping Cart, you can optimize your product pages for search engines by adding meta tags to every product page. Plus, two new storefront preferences help you instantly convert your URLs so search engines can index your site more effectively. You can even add a search-friendly static sitemap!

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Manage your time, dates, email and more from one easy-access tab

The next time you log in to Web-based email, you’ll find we’ve placed Email, Online File Folder™, Calendar, Fax Thru Email and Home Page into one integrated WorkSpace – a great way to increase productivity.

Plus, in addition to a larger font size and expanded message area, you’ll quickly notice you can now create a Calendar event within Email, or if you’re in the Calendar, you can compose an email. You can even upload files to Online File Folder within either Email or Calendar. Managing your life just got easier! Don’t have our personalized, secure and ultra-reliable email? Plans start at just $1.19/mo!

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Online File Folder™ Adds File Backup for Mac® Users

If you own a Mac, there’s an easy new way to make sure you never lose your valuable data. Online File Folder now has a Mac version of its invaluable File Backup tool. Now you can easily backup your data to your Online File Folder account, synchronize your folders across multiple computers and rest easy that your data is available anytime and anywhere. Just schedule your backup to run automatically or have it run on demand and the Online File Folder Backup tool will do the rest.

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Uncover hidden opportunities within your audience – NEW Site Surveys makes it easy!

Want to know what your audience is thinking? Now you can make better decisions with honest, quantifiable feedback. Site Surveys gives you the power to request, track and evaluate customer or audience input simply and effectively.

Easily create custom surveys tailored to your audience. Then analyze your result summaries or drill down into individual responses. Site Surveys extracts audience insights so you can stop guessing and start selling.

Act now and get Contact Manager (CRM), a $59.88 value, FREE with purchase of any Site Surveys plan.

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Put your business contacts where they belong – in our easy-to-use Contact Manager (CRM). This approachable, affordable Contact Manager (CRM) solution blends powerful features with intuitive usability to corral vital customer data. Every piece of information — sales histories, tasks, account notes, favorite cookie recipes, you name it — is only a mouse click away. Attach files and notes to any Contact Manager (CRM) entry to keep all relevant records in one place. Includes simple sorting for marketing segmentation.

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Increase traffic to your Web site with Search Engine Visibility

It’s no secret that most Web site traffic comes from search engines like Google®, Yahoo!® and MSN®. But how do you get listed in search results? Search Engine Visibility helps you maximize visibility of your Web site on the world’s top search engines.

With Search Engine Visibility, you will get noticed online:

  • Keyword and site optimization tools show you the words and phrases searchers use most often
  • Robust analytics identify specific steps you can take to improve your site’s search rankings
  • Automated submission enables quick submission to over 50 leading search engines
  • Powerful reports help you monitor your search rankings for ongoing improvement
  • Top 10 SEO Checklist gives you immediate feedback on vital search engine optimization areas of your site
  • Full Site-aware Content Analysis ensures your keywords and content are on the same page
  • Keyword and Search Engine Source Reporting pinpoint key drivers of your site’s traffic
  • Includes Contact Manager (CRM), our easy-to-use customer relationship manager, a $59.88 value, FREE

Generate more traffic and customers for your Web site – order Search Engine Visibility now!

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We’ve made some exciting product display enhancements sure to help you build a cleaner, even more professional-looking online shopping cart for your customers. Showcasing your product line has never been easier.

  • Display your best-sellers with animated featured products that present up to 5 products per page.
  • Give your store a more modern look thanks to new page layouts with 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns.
  • Make moving around your store a breeze with expand/collapse-style product navigation.
  • Make it easy for customers to scroll through your product line using more intuitive product associations with thumbnails.

And that’s just the beginning. Check out updated Quick Shopping Cart today and then start selling from your best online store yet.

Set up meetings faster and with fewer clicks. Find available conference rooms before adding them to your meeting request. The latest version of Calendar makes it easy. We’ve also sped up how you add people to shared tasks, and made it faster to include attachments from Online File Folder™. But that’s not all:

  • NEW! Cleaner look and feel makes Calendar intuitive and easier to use.
  • NEW! Use click-and-drop date selections to quickly define the calendar date range you’d like to display (instead of just day, week, month, year).
  • NEW! “Day” view now offers a full 24-hour display.
  • NEW! We’ve added a separate “All day” section to the “Week” view that shows holidays and more.

So stay organized and in control with 24/7 access to all your important events, projects and files – at work, at home or on the road – with Personal or Group Calendar. It’s faster and easier than ever.


We’ve just released our new Email Control Center (ECC) and its new look and feel are going to change the way you manage email. The new Tabbed View lets you seamlessly take charge of your accounts not just for Email, but for Calendar and Online File Folder™ as well. Simply click the tabs to access different product accounts.

Plus, never miss an important email again. With Desktop Notifier, you’ll receive alerts for new email messages. Just go to the Tools tab and click “Download Tool Now” to be sure you’re always in the loop. And if you ever need help, the Help Tab means answers are one click away. Check it all out today. Don’t have email? Our plans are affordable, secure, reliable and now easier to use than ever.


Quick Shopping Cart has expanded its shipping options! U.S.-based users now have the ability to ship to 29 European countries. PLUS we’ve added a Local Pickup option, for those vendors who have a physical store and would like to give Internet shoppers the option of saving on delivery costs. Whatever you call it — Local Pickup, Store Pickup, Will Call – your customers will call it brilliant! Includes the option to adjust handling fees and insert pick-up instructions.learn