Manage your time, dates, email and more from one easy-access tab

The next time you log in to Web-based email, you’ll find we’ve placed Email, Online File Folder™, Calendar, Fax Thru Email and Home Page into one integrated WorkSpace – a great way to increase productivity.

Plus, in addition to a larger font size and expanded message area, you’ll quickly notice you can now create a Calendar event within Email, or if you’re in the Calendar, you can compose an email. You can even upload files to Online File Folder within either Email or Calendar. Managing your life just got easier! Don’t have our personalized, secure and ultra-reliable email? Plans start at just $1.19/mo!

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We’ve just released our new Email Control Center (ECC) and its new look and feel are going to change the way you manage email. The new Tabbed View lets you seamlessly take charge of your accounts not just for Email, but for Calendar and Online File Folder™ as well. Simply click the tabs to access different product accounts.

Plus, never miss an important email again. With Desktop Notifier, you’ll receive alerts for new email messages. Just go to the Tools tab and click “Download Tool Now” to be sure you’re always in the loop. And if you ever need help, the Help Tab means answers are one click away. Check it all out today. Don’t have email? Our plans are affordable, secure, reliable and now easier to use than ever.


email plansWhile Dream Whisper Hosting offers exceptional email for free with our hosting packages we also offer personal, group and business email plans ala carte!

We have teamed up with Microsoft® to deliver fast, secure, ultra-reliable email, direct to your Outlook® inbox. With a built-in connection to the world’s most popular email client, Dream Whisper Hosting Email provides everything you need to stay organized, including calendar, address book and task management tools.

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