Manage your time, dates, email and more from one easy-access tab

The next time you log in to Web-based email, you’ll find we’ve placed Email, Online File Folder™, Calendar, Fax Thru Email and Home Page into one integrated WorkSpace – a great way to increase productivity.

Plus, in addition to a larger font size and expanded message area, you’ll quickly notice you can now create a Calendar event within Email, or if you’re in the Calendar, you can compose an email. You can even upload files to Online File Folder within either Email or Calendar. Managing your life just got easier! Don’t have our personalized, secure and ultra-reliable email? Plans start at just $1.19/mo!

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Online File Folder™ Adds File Backup for Mac® Users

If you own a Mac, there’s an easy new way to make sure you never lose your valuable data. Online File Folder now has a Mac version of its invaluable File Backup tool. Now you can easily backup your data to your Online File Folder account, synchronize your folders across multiple computers and rest easy that your data is available anytime and anywhere. Just schedule your backup to run automatically or have it run on demand and the Online File Folder Backup tool will do the rest.

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